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We are Egyptian-Canadian Company manufacturing additives. We started production in 2003 with a previous wealth of market and technical knowledge.From a small lab and single reactor, the entrepreneurial management team continuously expands the company product range, production capabilities as well as markets’ reach. In less than a decade, DELTA specialties has a unique, dynamic and diversified product range used in coatings, graphic arts and plastics industries. These products are supplied in consistent quality to more than 30 countries around the globe.


Having special regard to our customer needs, we strongly consider our technical department to hold the key for the continuous success of the company. In this department, the Research & Development labs together with the Technical Service & Application labs work very closely in testing existing products for new applications and developing new products according to the customers’ demand. Solve your technical problem online? Read more


Depending on your application field and type of industry (paint, ink or composite), a package of additives and driers will be recommended to you based on our best knowledge and expertise. Just a click away to find out how to optimize your formulations using our products. Read more

Egypt:   +20 2 3830 1707 - +20 100 155 3264

North America:   +1 289 400 4572