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TECHNICAL INFORMATION                                                             

Additives guides:

This part deals with the theoretical aspects of the specialty additives and driers. It highlights the mechanisms of action of foam, surface and dispersion additives and driers.


Guiding formulations:

Most of our guiding formulations are tailored formulations that will help you improve your existing formulations and guide you in your new projects.


Pigments list and characteristics:

This is a general guideline for calculating the amount of dispersant required to stabilize pigments for several suppliers. This is a very useful chapter for paint and ink formulators.


Technical bulletins:

The technical bulletins are intended to highlight some technical features of a few of our products.



You can find in this part of our website definitions of most of the technical terms that are commonly used in the coating, printing ink or composite industries.



REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals), an EU chemicals regulation intended to harmonize and simplify the existing chemicals legislation throughout Europe.