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Air can be incorporated into a system by mixing during the grinding and let-down steps, …etc. Effective foam control additives are beneficial in preventing or reducing many common problems such as loss of mechanical shearing power during milling, volume increase during the let-down or mixing steps.   

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The surface of a resin system is exposed to “the outside world” and has to withstand some severe circumstances which may lead to a fast degradation of the system itself. In most cases, superior surface properties cannot be achieved without the addition of surface additives that alter the surface properties.

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When dispersing pigments, one frequently encounters problems such as flocculation, insufficient color, poor rheological qualities... With our dispersion control additives, you can ensure your pigment and filler particles will keep apart for quite long and thus avoid any (re)-flocculation or settling that may occur.

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Amongst many other specialty products, we offer: DELTA-S 5225, a multi-functional additive and MORDRY 410 or 420 which are highly efficient replacements for cobalt drier in urethane-modified alkyds and high-end alkyds (e.g. wood finishes).

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The chemical hardening of unsaturated liquid binders by means of the reaction with atmospheric oxygen is described as “drying”. Metal-organic compounds (metal soaps or complex) are used in relatively small quantity to control drying processes. DELTA specialties offers a broad range of single metal and mix driers.

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